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September 2012

09/28/12 - Last season, Kim Spradlin dominated Survivor One World. This season she's been watching the players on Survivor Philippines and has plenty to say including her thoughts on Malcolm Freberg and Angie Layton, Survivor's latest showmance.

09/28/12 – Now that’s what you call an episode of Survivor: Cuddling and cookies! Probst getting frisky! Roxy preaching the truth! If you want to read what Guest Blogger Andy Baker has to say about the latest developments on Survivor: Philippines – including an explanation of a few key early game Survivor commandments – then check out the latest Baker’s Dozen!

09/27/12 - Roxy Morris became the second person voted out of the Matsing tribe after a showmance bloomed between Angie and Malcolm. What does Roxy have to say about the tribe keeping Angie over her on this week's Survivor Philippines?

09/27/12 - Another week of Survivor is on the books! Jonathon Penner shows off his six-pack abs, Angie Layton solves calculus equations, and Roxanne Morris goes out in a blaze of glory. Guest blogger Glenn Holford discusses what we all can learn from her mistakes.

09/26/12 - LIVE on Wed, 9/26 at 9:15 pm ET.... It's the premiere of Survivor Know-It-Alls as the two guys with all of the Survivor answers (except how to win the game) get together to recap Survivor Philippines LIVE each week after the show.

09/25/12 - LIVE on Tuesday, 9/25 at 12pm ET / 9 am PT, Rob previews episode two of Survivor Philippines and asks if Russell Swan can rebound with his tribe plus Rob has a big announcement about this season of Rob has a Podcast!

09/21/12 - We watched them compete on Big Brother all summer long, but now we hear from the final three from Big Brother now that they're out of the house. Hear from Big Brother winner Ian Terry, second place finisher Dan Gheesling and second runner up Danielle Murphree about their summer and what's happened since the finale.

09/20/12 - Yul Kwon got to know Jonathan Penner extremely well during their time together on Survivor: Cook Islands, now the Survivor winner joins Rob Cesternino to discuss Penner's game and the prospects for the rest of the players on the Survivor Philippines Premiere.

09/21/12 – Survivor is back, and Guest Blogger Andy Baker couldn’t be happier. A 90-minute episode, a full intro, three tribes led by a trio of intriguing returnees, a deep water challenge, and a Fairplay-hating, Hantz-worshipping, metaphor-murdering first boot… what’s not to love? Check out what Andy has to say in the first Baker’s Dozen of the season!

09/22/12 – On Wednesday night, at around 10:30 EST, a crime was committed on live television: Ian Terry stole $500k and the Big Brother 14 crown from Dan Gheesling. How the heck did this happen? Guest blogger Andy Baker weighs in on the finale in his last BB14 Baker’s Dozen!