Yul Kwon Discusses Jonathan Penner’s Survivor Hat Trick

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Zane Knight became the first player voted out of the Matsing Tribe on Survivor Philippines Click to hear Rob’s interview with Zane Knight[/caption]

After a long summer vacation, Survivor is finally back with the premiere of Survivor Philippines. Rob Cesternino talks with the winner of Survivor Cook Islands and host of the PBS Series “America Revealed”, Yul Kwon. Yul has been watching this season with a keen eye since his former tribemate, Jonathan Penner is one of this season’s returning players along with Mike Skupin from Survivor: The Australian Outback and Russell Swan from Survivor Samoa.

Rob asked Yul about Penner’s start to the game in which his tribemates seem to resent the fact that he is a returning player. The person leading the charge against Penner is former major league baseball all-star second baseman, Jeff Kent. Furthering Penner’s problems has been his distance from the tribe to look for the hidden immunity idol. Yul thinks that while Penner is in a bad spot to start the game, he thinks that Jonathan will be able to rebound and form a solid alliance within his tribe. Yul said that he and Jonathan have discussed some of the mistakes made by Penner in his earlier seasons and feels like Penner will be able to correct the early mistakes here.

Yul thought that former “Facts of Life” star, Lisa Whelchel, was struggling to get her game going on the right foot as well. Her only saving grace might be that Mike Skupin is actually a huge fan of the “The Facts of Life”. It also turns out that Yul is a big fan of “The Facts of Life” but not as much as he is a fan of Ann B. Davis from “The Brady Bunch”.

In the Matsing tribe, Yul did not think Russell Swan got off to a very good start either. Russell tried to deny being the leader of the group but his leadership tendencies were just way too strong to overcome. Meanwhile, Zane Knight’s plan to tell the tribe to vote him off ended up backfiring when they took him up on their offer. Yul believed that Zane telling the tribe that Russell Swan may have the idol could have been a nail in his coffin. Rob felt that it was way too early for the tribe to lose a strong physical threat like Russell Swan from the game.

Yul also had positive things to say about Malcolm Freberg, but Yul wondered if he may too be cocky. Yul also made note several times of what a good looking Survivor Malcolm is in the game. Later, Yul answered a number of questions from the listeners of Rob Has a Podcast about both Survivor Philippines and Yul’s own experience in Survivor Cook Islands. Yul discussed under what circumstances he would want to play Survivor again, the proper etiquette for playing Survivor with a Celebrity and who would do better on Survivor between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Finally, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to discuss the potential showmance between Abi-Maria Gomes and Pete Yurkowski, why RC Saint-Amour is so giggly and the news of Lisa Whelchel’s recent divorce.

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