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The Tribes of Survivor Philippines 

Masting Tribe Tandang Tribe Kalabaw Tribe

Russell Swan

Malcolm Freberg

Zane Knight

Angie Layton

Denise Stapley

Roxy Morris

Mike Skupin

Artis Silvester

Pete Yurkowski

Abi-Maria Gomes

Lisa Whelchel

RC Saint-Amour

Jonathan Penner

Jeff Kent

Carter Williams

Dana Lambert

Sarah Dawson

Katie Hanson

Rob Cesternino and Jenna Morasca with Survivor Philippins cast member and Lisa Whelchel, the actress who played Blair on The Facts of Life

Rob, Jenna Morasca and Lisa Whelchel at the 2004 TV Land Awards

Show Recap

As recapped by RHAP Live Show Producer, Jessica Frey (Follow Jessica on Twitter at @ItsJessicaFrey)

Rob and Nicole are back kicking off their 6th season of podcasting on survivor with their preview cast on survivor 25. Find out who they pick to win the season, Will Nicole be right again or will Rob be right this time?

Be ready for Jeff Probst to be on Rob has podcast in the coming weeks before Survivor airs, all thanks to the listeners of this podcast. This season of survivor the podcasts will be a little different with a live spreecast shows airing after the east coast feed at 6:15pmPST/9pmPST and on Thursdays Rob will speak with the latest castoff from the show as while as the normal interview with the former player. This possibly starts week 2 of Survivor, so stay turned to Rob has a Podcast for more details. Rob is also looking for live show correspondents to report on each of the three tribes.  Apply at


Rob and Nicole Discuss the Format of Survivor Philippines (12:40)

Rob and Nicole start with discussing the pros and cons of the new format of 3 tribes versus the tribal swap and why Survivor is ditching starting the game with 2 tribes of nine this season.  Rob doesn’t think the change was necessary and thinks production just got unlucky during Survivor: One World


Returning Players Discussions and Predictions for the Returning Players (16:07)

Jonathon Penner: (19:25) – Rob and Nicole discuss Penner and if the third time is the charm and how he is in it to win it this time. Listen later on to see how Rob and Nicole think he will interact with his tribe. Will Penner’s gift of gab be an asset or a liability.

Michael Skupin: (25:59) – After the longest stint between seasons, Rob and Nicole discuss how Mike will play differently this time around and what he does similarly to Australia.  Can Mike Skupin still be the provider this time and will that strategy be as effective on Survivor 25 as it was on Survivor 2?

Russell Swan: (30:24) – Find out how Rob thinks Russell’s likability will take him far if all goes according to plan. Why do Rob and Nicole think that Russell Swan is set up to do well this season?


Kalabaw Tribe Discussion and Predictions (35:00)

Rob and Nicole discuss the Kalabaw Tribe and discuss some of the reasons why this tribe might not be a great fit for Jonathon Penner.

Jeff Kent (35.34) – Rob discusses the former major league second basemen and why he thinks its likely Penner and Jeff Kent’s will butt heads rather than work together. Find out, if Rob thinks that Jeff Kent’s head will be in the game. Nicole discusses what Jeff Kent would bring on the island and what a particular item is for.

Carter Williams (45.33) – Carter is a likeable guy according to Rob and Nicole and things could look up for him.  Could Carter be another Fabio?

Dana Lambert (49.34) – Rob and Nicole discuss how camping could maybe not be the best strategy in winning the game.  Could her sexuality be an issue with Jeff Kent?

Sarah Dawson (54:40) – Discussion of whether Dawson will be up a creek or successful in the game. Rob and Nicole are split on Sarah Dawson’s odds in the game… and we’re not talking about Craniuim

Katie Hanson (1:02:24) – Rob makes an official pick and with an appearance from the “dork-a-gram”, will Katie be Rob’s first boot or winner pick?  Rob and Nicole disagree on Katie Hanson vs. Sarah Dawson on who is first off, remember this bet @robsfactchecker


Tandang Tribe Predictions and Discussions: (1:07:49)

Artis Silvester (1:07:54) – Rob and Nicole break down Artis and discuss his video with Dalton Ross wehre he talks about disliking “The specialist” and how he has cunning leadership. Rob and Nicole think this is a good person for Mike Skupin to work with.

Peter “Pete” Yurkowski (1:12:23) – Nicole’s douche alert is going off after reading his cbs bio so Rob and Nicole discuss Pete’s likelihood of turning on getting along with Mike Skupin.

Abi-Maria Gomes (1:16:37) – Rob and Nicole discuss her being a Brazilian Kat 2.0 but the language barrier may pose a problem.

Lisa Whelchel, (1:19:44) – Rob discusses and predicts the facts of (survivor) life for Lisa. Rob and Nicole have high hopes for Lisa and see her fitting in Mike and Artis.  Rob thinks that Lisa could be another Dawn Meehan, without the delicious bread.

Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour (1:24:17)- Rob discusses R.C (and no not he’s not talking in the third person) Rob and Nicole disagree on whom Pete will showmance with and if R.C will get caught up in this, but again Rob and Nicole disagree on R.C versus Abi Maria.  Rob thinks that RC has all the skills required to be a very successful player in the game.


Matsing Tribe discussions and predictions (1:30:18)

Malcolm Freberg (1:30:26) – Rob discusses how Malcolm could be the Tyson of the season.  Rob and Nicole both think that Malcom is cocky, but Rob thinks that he’s also partially joking around… as opposed to Pete who isn’t joking when he’s being cocky.

Zane Knight (1:33:56) – Rob discusses how Zane could be mistaken for a member of the Hantz family and Rob tells us that Zane hails from Jonny Fairplay’s hometown of Danville, Virginia.  Rob and Nicole discuss the odds of Malcolm Fredberg, Zane Knight, and Russell Swan coexisting despite their different personalities.

Angie Layton (1:40:22) – Rob discusses how Angie Layton, Miss Teen Utah, may or may not be another star from Utah.  Rob makes the point that there is a possibility that women go early in this season, but he’s certainly rooting for Angie to stay around for a long time.

Denise Stapley (1:45:03) – Rob and Nicole discuss if the motherly approach will work on Denise Stapley’s tribe if nobody needs a mother.  However, Rob believes her athleticism will help her greatly in the game… and Rob likes that she is a sex therapist.

Roxanne “Roxy” Morris (1:48:02) – Rob compares Roxanne Morris to Tim Tebow in some aspects and say it could go either way for Roxanne in regards to her religion.


Rob and Nicole Predict the Winner of Survivor: Philippines (1:51:50)

Nicole puts her reputation on the line once again and Rob tries for the first time to get one of these predictions right.  Will either Rob or Nicole have the right answer?


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