Correspondent RHAPplication


If you’re up to the challenge of eating, breathing and talking about The Amazing Race for the next four months, you’re in the right place.  We’re looking for someone to write blogs and be an occasional on camera RHAPorter on our LIVE Shows.

Use the form below to send Rob your contact information and include the following in the comments section:

1)  Why you’d be a great Amazing Race RHAPorter for Rob Has a Podcast?

2)  A link to a video of you on camera or an application video.  The video doesn’t need to necessarily be a video talking about this (But it would help), it just needs to show that you’re going to interesting and dynamic to talk to on a LIVE spreecast about the events that took place on Amazing Race.

3) Some sort of a writing sample. It could be about anything as long as its interesting.


Rob will notify you during e-mail if you’ve been accepted.  If the competition becomes too fierce, we may have the audience of RHAP vote to determine who will be hired for this non-paying, yet very prestigious job!

And seriously, Thanks for wanting to be a part of Rob Has A Podcast!

-Rob Cesternino

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