Speaking in Tongues: An Interview with Roxy Morris from Survivor Philippines

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This week on Survivor Phillipines, the Matsing tribe went to tribal council for the second week in a row and voted out Roxanne “Roxy” Morris from the tribe. Roxy had some friction this week when Angie Layton began snuggling in the shelter with fellow tribemate Malcolm Freberg. Immediately, Roxy tried to bring this couple to the attention of her tribemates Russell Swan and Denise Stapley but the tribe still elected to vote her out this week.

Rob asked Roxy about why the tribe was so in favor of keeping Angie vs. keeping her in the game. Roxy claimed that the social dynamics of the tribe did her in when Malcolm fell for Angie. Rob wants to know if Roxy ever tried to talk to Denise directly to ask her to swing over to vote with Russell and Roxy and she said that she did. However, even though she spoke with Denise, she was unable to convince her to vote with the tribe.

Rob asked Roxy about the leadership of Russell Swan and if he would have been better served to be more of a leader in the group or if he should have backed off ever more. Roxy said that she thought that Russell Swan was very “flaky” in the game and thinks that’s the worst thing that you can be on Survivor. Roxy thinks that Russell put a target on his back by being so flaky in the tribe.

Rob also wanted to know if Zane ended up going home last week because of his performance in the challenge or because of his speech for the tribe to vote him out. Roxy says that Zane was very well liked in the group but his physical abilities in the challenges really held the group back. Rob finally asked Roxy about her ability to speak in tongues and she said that she doesn’t even know what she’s saying, but God does.

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