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LIVE on Wednesday, 9/26 at 9:15 pm ET… It’s the debut of the “Survivor Know-It-Alls”. Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are the smartest and most knowledgeable Survivor players. They’ve got this game completely figured out and combined they’ve won the game exactly 0 times. Now they’re sharing all of they’re Survivor insights with you LIVE every Wednesday after each episode of Survivor Philippines. Join Rob and Stephen LIVE to ask your questions.

Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach of Survivor Tocantins premiere “Survivor Know-It-Alls” after the second episode of Survivor Philippines.

In matching plaid shirts, Rob and Stephen Fishbach begin by breaking down the ousting of Roxanne “Roxy” Martin from Matsing, the Russell Swan Tribe. Stephen says that Roxy Martin’s eviction was unsurprising and he was happy to see her go.

Rob and Stephen discuss Malcolm Freburg’s showmance with Angie Layton and if they are threatening to the other tribe members. Stephen thinks that Malcolm cuddling with Angie isn’t an issue and could be an extra alliance in the game. Stephen also discusses his fake showmance with Erinn Lobdell on Survivor Tocantins and how it helped them formed an alliance.

Denise Stapley’s decision as the swing vote to keep Angie Layton was a good decision, according to Stephen, because she keeps herself in good graces with Malcolm. Rob thinks she may have traded long-term success for short-term safety. Stephen thinks that Denise’s plan could work out in the long-term to have a solid three-person alliance down the road.

Rob and Stephen propose the name “Mangie” for Malcom and Angie’s showmance and discuss if being a showmance is an automatic target and Rob’s history being around showmances on Survivor Amazon and Survivor All-Stars. They agree that Russell Swan is a larger target than Mangie.

Rob asks Stephen about Angie’s comments how Survivor could be greatly improved with cookies. Stephen thinks that her comment was not offensive and Jeff Probst overreacted. Rob added that this is what should have been expected from a pageant queen on Survivor.

Rob and Stephen weigh in on Malcolm Freburg and whether he is a good player or a bad player. They agree that he is a good player, but very young and will have a hard time keeping up with the older and more strategic players.

Rob and Stephen discuss the Kalabaw tribe and how Jonathan Penner found a Hidden Immunity Idol. They mention how the tribe will likely notice that the handle from the rice jar is missing and learn that Penner has the idol. They discuss how Penner has continued to isolate himself from his tribe.

They also discuss Carter Williams and how he has yet to have a confessional or be heard on the show in any capacity. Rob chalks this up to having a season with three returning players and two celebrities. Stephen and Rob also discuss Jeff Kent, who Stephen claims is the best celebrity player to ever be on Survivor.

Turning to the Tandang tribe, Rob discusses how RC Saint-Amour is the only non-returner to find an Immunity Idol clue and her misstep to share the clue with Abi-Maria Gomes. Rob says that anyone that wants to be your best friend or alliance partner right when you meet them is a red flag and should be avoided. Rob also points to the fact that all-young people alliances rarely work out. Stephen said that age 28 or 29 is the best age for someone on Survivor. They agree that the RC and Abi-Maria alliance will likely blow up soon.

Rob and Stephen discuss sharing the Hidden Immunity Idols or clues. Rob says that he would probably never share an idol or a clue, unless he could leverage it to earn the trust of an individual. Stephen disagrees, and thinks that sharing an idol can help build an alliance, like he did with Taj Johnson-George on Survivor Tocantins.

Rob brings up Lisa Whelchel’s Survivor meltdown and that the rest of the Tandang tribe thought she was looking for the idol. Rob is pulling for Lisa Whelchel since she is a fan of the show. Stephen is less sympathetic toward Lisa and thinks that as a big fan she should have known what she was getting into.

Rob and Stephen take some listener questions and discuss if Penner can bounce back after finding the idol. However, they are concerned that having the idol might lead to an inflated ego. They also discuss Mike Skupin’s many injuries since arriving on the island. They discuss on whether Roxy had any similarities to Naonka Mixon of Survivor Nicaragua and whether Angie Layton is playing dumb as strategy.

Listener Alex Forstenhausler calls in to discuss sharing immunity idols and reminds Rob and Stephen how Eric Cardona in Survivor Samoa did not share his idol and was blindsided.

Rob ends the show teasing the upcoming shows with Roxy Martin, Kim Spradlin, and the upcoming webshow which will feature coverage of The Amazing Race.

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Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are the Survivor-Know-It-Alls Cesternino and Fishbach know Everything about Survivor… except how to win the game.[/caption]
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