Russell’s Swan Dive on Survivor and Hayden Moss from Big Brother

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Episode Recapped by Tyler James Linder

Rob Cesternino starts the show by teasing about a big announcement for the podcast so shocking even Nicole is stumped. Rob reveals that RHAP Legend Stephan Fishbach will be joining him every Wednesday for a post-Survivor live show called “Survivor Know-It-Alls”, a free-for-all of Survivor backseat quarterbacking happening every Wednesday at 9:15.

Rob and Nicole then dive head-first into previewing tomorrow’s episode by bringing on the first of our new RHAP-porters, Kalabaw tribe correspondent Paul Michio McCarthy. They discuss the predictable rivalry that came to the surface last episode between Jonathan Penner and Jeff Kent and how it was surprising that the tribe migrated towards Kent over Penner. Paul talks about how most of the secret scenes on Jonathan Penner’s tribe revolve around Jeff Kent’s leg injury and speculates an early departure for the MLB All Star.

The discussion then goes to Jonathan Penner’s reputation for rubbing the young women of Survivor the wrong way and this season not being an exception.

Rob brings up how forgettable the other four members of the Kalabaw tribe not named Penner and Kent are. Paul mentions the possible fireworks that might arise between prop-8 supporter Jeff Kent and the openly Lesbian Dana Lambert. Rob thinks it has the potential to develop into a Richard Hatch and Rudy Boesch relationship and believes people are over-thinking the angle.

Rob then asks about the mysterious enigma which is Carter Williams. Paul says that through his research he found out Carter’s old nickname used to be Butterface.

Rob asks Paul who he thinks will survive longer out of Katie Hanson and Sarah Dawson. Paul sides with Nicole and picks the eye-pleasing Katie to go for the long haul.

Michael Skupin correspondent Tyler Sloan then joins Rob and Nicole to discuss the Tandang tribe. Rob starts things off by discussing Lisa Whelchell and how he and Tyler both feel she definitely started the game on the wrong foot by isolating herself. Rob thinks her attempt to start a fire was throughly amusing.

Rob then brings up Nicole’s winner pick Artis Silvester and how he was completely invisible in the first episode. Tyler thinks he sees potential in a partnership between him and Mike Skupin and sees Artis being one three older people on his tribe as a potential benefit.

Tyler share’s Rob’s too-hard-too-fast sentiment about RC Saint-Amour, thinking that her building alliances so fast is going to paint a quick target on her back and maybe even get her voted out first on the tribe.

Rob tells a story of an encounter at the Big Brother reality rally with Abi Maria Gomes and Christian Cha. Tyler says she’s good friends with Big Brother 13 runner-up Porsche Briggs. Tyler thinks there’s a possibility of a showmance between Abi Maria and Peter Yurkowski. He thinks Pete could either be brilliant or just another dumb Jersey Shore stereotype he was trying so desperately to avoid in his cast interview.

To round things off Rob brings in Aaron Roberston for the Matsing tribe. Rob jumps right into if Russell Swan has any possibility to survive after the rocky first episode. Aaron thinks Russell has a history as a horrible leader, isolating Shambo Waters and leading to the Galu tribe’s demise during Survivor: Samoa.

Rob thinks it’s clear that the power players on the Matsing tribe appears to be Denise Stapley and Malcolm Freeberg. Aaron thinks Angie Layton will stick around due to her connection with Malcolm.

Rob asks Aaron if the tribe is going to pull the trigger on Russell Swan as soon as they go back to tribal. Aaron thinks it depends on rather or not the tribe is anticipating a possible dissolve of the three tribes into two. If they think there’s going to be a change-up, Aaron thinks the tribe would rather get rid of Swan sooner rather than later. If they’re weary of how long the three tribe format will last they might keep him around for challenge strength alone. Aaron believes Roxy Morris will be on the outs regardless of the outcome.

Finally, Rob brings in Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss to talk about the recently announced Canadian version of Big Brother. Hayden says this edition of the global reality sensation will follow the American format of Big Brother, citing that Canadians have been watching the American version of the show all fourteen seasons and are chomping at the bits for a chance to play.

Rob asks Hayden if Matt Hoffman officially a part of the Brigade. Hayden says Matt will always be a Bridgade member and cites him as a big reason for that alliance’s success. Rob asks which of the final two in Big Brother 14 Hayden thinks should have won. Hayden says he was personally rooting for Ian Terry but thought Dan Gheesling played one of the most impressive strategic games ever. In the end he thinks Dan’s loss comes down to a Russell Hantz complex of isolating the jury.

Rob brings up Ian’s multiple interviews asking for Kristen Biting’s phone number. Hayden gives Ian props for being at the top of his game.

Hayden felt Britney Haynes falling victim to the infamous “Dan’s Funeral” was tough to watch. Rob thinks Britney not attending the Big Brother after-party is a sign of bitter feelings, but Hayden feels that’s just part of her personality and says she wasn’t involved in post-show Big Brother 12 activities as well.

Finally Rob ends the show by talking some Fantasy Football with Hayden.

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Can Russell Swan rebound on episode 2 of Survivor Philippines?  Plus Hayden Moss discusses Big Brother 14 and Big Brother Canada Can Russell Swan rebound on episode 2 of Survivor Philippines? Plus Hayden Moss discusses Big Brother 14 and Big Brother Canada[/caption]
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