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October 2011

10/28/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole were flabbergasted by Ozzy's big move on this week's Survivor South Pacific and they break down all things Ozzy with Monica Padilla from Survivor Samoa on the latest Rob Has a Podcast.

10/27/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk to Mikayla Wingle about her experience on Survivor South Pacific, Brandon Hantz and of course, Coach... on Rob Has a Podcast.

10/24/11 - The Jersey Shore cast spent the entire season in Italy, but after this past Thursday's finale and reunion show it's time to say Arrivederci to the Jersey Shore for this season and Ciao to a new cast of Celebrity Apprentice Contestants on Rob Has a Podcast.

10/21/11 - Jonny Fairplay is known as the bad boy of reality TV and in this most recent appearance on Rob Has a Podcast he doesn't disappoint. At a few points, Rob and Nicole even discuss Survivor South Pacific on this week's Survivor Rob Has a Podcast.

10/20/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino talk with Elyse Umemoto who lost the latest duel on Redemption Island about her experience on Survivor South Pacific.

Though Halloween is over, several of our listeners won a $20 gift card every Thursday in October by entering Rob and Nicole's Survivor Halloween Costume Contest.

10/13/11 - We talk with Jenna Morasca about her thoughts about Survivor South Pacific and her time on The Amazing Race on a brand new edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

10/13/11 - It's a bitter sweet day when Rob and Nicole get to talk to one of their favorite castaways from Survivor South Pacific, Stacey Powell who was the latest to be eliminated from Redemption Island

Rob Has a Podcast is nominated for Best Entertainment Podcast at the 2011 Podcast Awards. Find out how to vote for the smartest podcast never to win a podcast award.

10/06/11 - Stephen Fishbach played Survivor with Coach Ben Wade in Survivor Tocantins and has watched his Survivor career over the years. Find out what Stephen thinks of The Dragon Slayer 3.0 on Rob Has a Podcast.

10/06/11 - "Papa Bear" Mark Caruso had an epic Redemption Island battle with Christine this week but came up one sandbag short. He talks about his Survivor South Pacific experience with Rob and Nicole.

10/05/11 - Our favorite reality stars are traveling the globe from Jenna and Ethan on The Amazing Race, Snooki and the Jersey Shore Gang in Italy and Parvati and Boston Rob are going around the world.