Stephen Fishbach on Survivor South Pacific’s Coach 3.0

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Ever since it was announced that Coach Ben Wade was going to back on Survivor this season, we knew we had to get a podcast going with Rob Has a Podcast Hall of Famer, Stephen Fishbach, who played with Coach on Survivor Tocantins. On this episode Rob Cesternino and Nicole to Stephen about:

– How has Coach evolved from Survivor Tocantins, through Survivor Heroes vs Villain into his current iteration of the Dragon Slayer on Survivor South Pacific. Why is Rob thinking that Coach reminds him on Indiana Jones?

– We say goodbye to one of the Rob Has a Podcast favorites as Stacey is the latest person voted out of the tribe. Why did Rob have so much love for the Texas Mortician?

– What about all of the latest Brandon Hantz drama? We talk about Brandon’s whining about how hard it is to be Russell Hantz’ nephew and break down all of the drama on twitter between Russell, Brandon and some South Pacific Survivors.

– What does Stephen think about John Cochran? Is Stephen starting to warm up to Cochran as a strategist. How can the alliance of Jim, Cochran and Dawn possibly vote out either Ozzy or Elysse?

– Why does Rob think that the producers need to have Coach in attendance for next week’s showdown between Christine Markoski and Stacey Powell on Redemption Island?

– What have the Rob has a Podcast interns been working on this week?

It’s a podcast that’s more fun than having Edna walk on your back… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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