We Chew the Fat with Jenna Morasca About Survivor and The Amazing Race

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Jenna Morasca was the winner on Rob’s season of Survivor, Survivor Amazon. Most recently Jenna ran the Amazing Race with fellow Survivor winner, Ethan Zohn. Rob and Nicole talk with Jenna about Survivor, Amazing Race and more:

– What Does Jenna think of the big move by Whitney and Keith to vote out Elyse from the tribe?

– Does Rob think that Keith and Whitney made the right move by voting for Dawn and essentially voting out Elyse?

– What comes next for Ozzy Lusth on the show?  Will Ozzy go back to working with Keith and Whitney or will he hold them accountable?

– What does Jenna have to say about her time on The Amazing Race? What really happened to Ethan and Jenna during that final leg of The Amazing Race?

– Why does Rob believe that John Cochran doesn’t have herpes?

Plus Tweets of the Week, Survivor Anagrams, Jeff Probst out of context inappropriate lines and much more on a wild episode of Rob Has a Podcast.

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