Survivor: The Story of “Papa Bear” Mark Caruso

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Last week on Survivor, “Papa Bear” Mark Caruso was voted out of the game and this week he lost a Redemption Island duel against Christine Markoski. Rob Cesternino and Nicole talked to Papa Bear about his experience on Survivor South Pacific and discussed the following:

– What kind of relationship did Papa Bear have with John Cochran. Were they friends on the island or did they end up becoming rivals?

– What did Papa Bear think of all of the couples on his tribe. Who did Papa Bear catch in an uncompromising position?

– What advice did Papa Bear have for Ozzy in the game of Survivor and how did Ozzy take the advice from Papa Bear?

– What did Papa Bear think of Dawn Meehan’s transformation during the game?

– What happened on Redemption Island with Christine when Papa Bear first got there.

– What former Survivors has Papa Bear been working out with in New York?

It’s a Survivor Papa Bear interview that’s just right… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!

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