We Talk to Monica Padilla about Ozzy Driving his Survivor Game off a Cliff

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Ozzy Lusth made one of the biggest game moves in recent memory this week when he asked the Savaii tribe to vote him out so he can go to Redemption Island to face off with Christine Markoski (and gave his hidden immunity idol to John Cochran). Monica Padilla from Survivor Samoa joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole as they discuss whether Ozzy’s plan has a chance to work and what it’s like playing a Survivor season with a member of the Hantz family. On this episode we will discuss:

– Rob breaks down all the reasons why Ozzy’s plan is a terrible idea. We’ll go through Ozzy’s big decision from every angle and debate if there is any merit to what Ozzy is attempting to do?

– What happens if the merge doesn’t happen on the next episode? Who will be the next member of the Savaii tribe to go to Redemption Island?

– What does Monica Padilla think of Russell Hantz’ nephew Brandon Hantz? How does Monica compare Brandon and Russell?

– Does Monica feel any differently about her vote for Natalie White to win the game over Russell Hantz?

It’s a Survivor podcast that’s better than all of Ozzy’s Survivor ideas… it’s another edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

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