Blam! Survivor Stacey Powell Sounds Off on Upolu

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole were very sad to see Stacey Powell go home from Survivor South Pacific. The queen of onomatopoeia joins Rob and Nicole to discuss the following:

– What went wrong in the relationship between Stacey and Coach (a.k.a. Benjamin). How did Coach really get on Stacey’s nerves?

– Why was Stacey so annoyed with Edna? What specifically was Edna doing to get Stacey so worked up?

– Who were Stacey’s closest allies in the tribe?

– What did Stacey have to say about Brandon Hantz? Did she hold the fact that Brandon is Russell’s nephew against him in the game?

– What is it like for Stacey to work in the real world as a mortician when she has such a fun and colorful personality?

You’ll be yelling Blam, Boom and Bing all day as we give you the official Stacey Powell from Survivor South Pacific exit interview.

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