Wingle and Ready to Mingle: Our Interview with Survivor Mikayla

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Mikayla Wingle was Nicole’s pick to win Survivor South Pacific, but after being voted out of the tribe last week she joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about her Survivor experience. On today’s show, we’ll talk to Mikayla about:

– What was her experience with Brandon Hantz? Why does she think that Brandon wanted her out of the tribe so badly?

– What were Mikayla’s feelings about playing the game with Edna Ma? How much did Edna actually get on her nerves?

– What was Mikayla’s opinion of Coach? What kind of relationship did she have with the Dragon Slayer during the show?

– What does Mikayla tell us about Rick Nelson, who has not appeared too much on the show. What kind of bond did Mikayla and Rick share?

– Was there really a showmance brewing between Mikayla and Albert Destrade?

– Plus, what does Mikayla share about her experience posing nude in Playboy?

It’s a Survivor exit interview podcast that’s almost as good as a lingerie football game… it’s Rob Has a Podcast

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