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September 2011

09/29/11 - On Survivor Cook Island Ozzy voted out the younger guy on his tribe who was a Survivor super fan... Billy Garcia. Will John Cochran suffer the same fate on Survivor South Pacific?

09/29/11 - Semhar Tadesse was the first player to be eliminated from the competition on Survivor South Pacific and she has plenty of spoken words about her experience on the show in an exit interview with Rob and Nicole.

09/27/11 - Rob and Nicole are back with another Friggin 5 talking about Jenna and Ethan on the Amazing Race, Snooki wild week with her boyfriend on Jersey Shore, The Rob Has a Podcast Internship, Parvati's Surgery and your questions on Rob Has a Podcast.

09/22/11 - Who knew that one Lil' Hantz could cause so much trouble? Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to break down the second episode of Survivor South Pacific on Rob has a Podcast.

09/15/11 - Survivor is back and so are Rob and Nicole and they've got Andrea Boehlke from Survivor Redemption Island to talk about the Survivor South Pacific premiere on Rob Has a Podcast.

09/15/11 - Three months ago, I never thought that this would happen... but it did. Somehow, Rachel Reilly has won Big Brother 13 and we'll break it all down in our Big Brother finale podcast.

09/05/11 - It's the Survivor preview podcast that you've been waiting for... Rob and Nicole go through all 16 new players plus Coach and Ozzy in our official Survivor South Pacific Preview Podcast!

09/05/11 - Corinne Kaplan from Survivor Gabon always speaks her mind and that's why she's the perfect person to break down the cast of Survivor South Pacific.