Lil’ Hantz Creates Big Problems on Survivor South Pacific

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It’s week 2 of Survivor South Pacific and it’s been an exciting start to the new season.  Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to break down all of the drama from the latest Survivor episode.  On this podcast, we will discuss:

– What is going on with Brandon Hantz?  Was it a good idea to show Coach his Lil’ Hantz tattoo?  Why is he so obsessed with getting rid of Mikayla.  Does Brandon Hantz hate Mikayla or does he love her?  And what is Russell Hantz saying on twitter about his nephew?

– What did we make of Christine’s short stint on Survivor?  She butted heads with Coach from the beginning and became the latest reality show newbie to get trampled after standing up to one of the vets (See Big Brother 13).

– With another hidden immunity Idol in his pocket, how are things looking for Ozzy?  Could Ozzy have learned from his mistakes on Fans vs. Favorites and have a shot to win this game?

– Will Jim’s new plan, the 3+2 plan actually work?  Why does Rob think that Jim might be looking more like the 5th wheel in this plan.

– How has John Cochran adjusted after a very shaky first episode on Survivor.  How is Rob feeling about his pick to win the game at this point?

We’re talking all things Survivor and taking plenty of your question and comments from last weeks show and the Rob Has a Podcast Facebook Fan page on an all new Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

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