Can John Cochran Avoid Getting “Billy Garcia-ed” by Ozzy?

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It was another exciting episode of Survivor South Pacific. This week we’ll talk with Billy Garcia about how John Cochran can avoid the same fate he suffered at the hands of Ozzy.  We’ll catch up with him and discuss…

– What does Billy Garcia think of Brandon Hantz, the comparison people make between Brandon Hantz and Uncle Russell, and Russell Hantz’s recent Twitter activity?

– How is Ozzy Lusth and the Savaii alliance holding back John Cochran and what might happen to our Cochran if Ozzy sticks around?

– Have we cracked the 30 Rock-Survivor Code?

– Why has Jeff Probst been picking on John Cochran so much?

– Plus, we’ll get an updates on our interns.

As always, we’ll address your questions and comments from Twitter, Facebook, and Robhasawebsite. It’s a podcast so big, Papa Bear shouldn’t hide it in his underpants! It’s Rob Has a Podcast!

Guest Podcast Description written by Will Olsen

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