Spoken Words: An Interview with Semhar Tadesse

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Rob and Nicole get to speak to the first person eliminated from Survivor South Pacific, Semhar Tadesse. In our exit interview with Semhar we will discuss:

– What does Semhar think of her former tribemate Jim Rice? In her opinion, how did the fight over the first challenge really go down and what does she say is the real reason she had to step up in the coconut throwing part of the competition?

– What was Semhar’s experience like on Redemption Island? How did Semhar get along with Christine Markoski during their time their together?

– Does Semhar have any hard feelings toward John Cochrane, whom the tribe decided to keep instead of her at the first tribal council?

– Was there really a possibility of a showmance between Semhar and Ozzy Lusth on the island?

It’s a spoken word podcast that you won’t want to miss… it’s Rob has a Podcast.

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