Survivor South Pacific Cast Preview and Predictions

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Blue Tribe: Coach Wade, Albert Destrade, Brandon Hantz, Rick Nelson, Christine Markoski, Edna Ma, Mikayla Wingle, Sophie Clarke, Stacey Powell

Red Tribe: Ozzy Lusth, John Cochran, Jim Rice, Keith Tollefson, Mark Caruso, Dawn Meehan, Elyse Umemoto, Semhar Tadesse, Whitney Duncan

Corinne Kaplan breaks down the Survivor South Pacific Cast

Check out our bonus preview coverage with Corinne Kaplan

It’s time for another season of Survivor so that means it’s time for our preview podcast of the cast of Survivor South Pacific. 16 new Survivor players will attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast Coach and Ozzy Lusth in Survivor Season 23. On our preview edition we’ll discuss the following:

– What do we make of the returning players Coach Ben Wade and Ozzy Lusth? Which of these two player do Rob and Nicole think might have the better chance to make it further in the game. Plus, does either player have a chance on the heels of Boston Rob winning Survivor Redemption Island?

– What do Rob and Nicole think of Brandon Hantz, the nephew of Survivor Russell Hantz?  How will Brandon fare on this season?  Do we like this idea for the show?

– Why are there so many people who describe themselves as long time Survivor fans on this season?

– How will the tribe dynamics play out of Survivor South Pacific?  Who do Rob and Nicole think could be the first person off each of the tribes?

– Who will Rob and Nicole pick as the winner of Survivor South Pacific?  We’ll get Rob and Nicole’s official picks.

– Does Rick Nelson have the greatest mustache in Survivor history?

It’s a Survivor preview podcast that’s more amazing than one of Coach’s stories… it’s Rob Has a Podcast

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