Corinne Kaplan Previews the Survivor South Pacific Cast

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The Cast of Survivor South Pacific Click to hear Rob and Nicole’s full Survivor South Pacific Preview Show[/caption]

For the last few seasons, we’ve tried to get Corinne Kaplan to come on the podcast to give her thoughts on a new cast of Survivor and we’ve finally got her. Rob Cesternino talks to Corinne Kaplan from Survivor Gabon to hear her thoughts on the new season of Survivor, the 16 new players plus Coach and Ozzy. On this episode we’ll find out:

– What does Corinne think about Coach and Ozzy Lusth returning to play on Survivor South Pacific?

– Which one of the new Survivors does Corinne actually know in real life and how does Corinne think her friend will do on the new season?

– Who has emerged as Corinne’s favorite from the new season and has ever received a Facebook friend request FROM Corinne?

It’s a Survivor preview podcast that was 3 seasons in the making… it’s Rob has a Podcast

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