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Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

The Strategic Game – Check Your Brains at the Door

  Making predictions with a brand-new cast on Survivor is so difficult, and this week’s astounding premiere just reinforces that fact. After the disappointing One World, I didn’t expect to see an entirely new group of players competing again for the million dollar prize. Those frustrations make this cast even more refreshing. They may have […]
Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

The Story Behind Survivor Cagayan Episode One

 During Jeff’s introduction to the new direction taken this season, Spencer had the 1st confessional: “In 2010, I entered the world open chess tournament and I tied for first. I certainly don’t look diabolical or like a genius, both of which I am.­” David was next: “I’m president of the Miami Marlins…” Kass followed: “I’m an attorney and my […]