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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino get together to break down the cast of Survivor Cagayan and make predictions. Find out who is going to emerge from the tribes of Brains, Beauty and Brawn to become the winner of Survivor 28.

A new season of Survivor is just around the corner, and per tradition, Rob and Nicole Cesternino are back for another round of predictions in The Official Survivor Cagayan Preview Show on Rob Has a Podcast!

Before going through the new players, Rob has two updates for the listeners. First, the Lowe Winter Sun has set and with Brenda still MIA, Rob is pleased to officially confirm the finalists for Mr. and Miss Survivor by welcoming Candice Woodcock Cody into the Miss Survivor pageant. And Rob is also excited to announce that, while still in beta, his new website for scripted TV recaps is live at

The player by player breakdown for Survivor Cagayan:

Beauty Tribe

Alexis Maxwell

Nicole is lukewarm on Alexis, claiming that comparing yourself to Parvati is such a cliché and that new players need to be more creative. Rob compared her at first to The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party on SNL, believing she would be an airhead, but he came away from her CBS preview video with the opposite reaction. Overall, he gives her a thumbs up.

Brice Johnston

Rob didn’t think Brice would make it all that far, but this was another case where Rob came away from a preview video and felt like the player knew what they were doing on the island. Anybody who says they watch the show is a plus in Rob’s eyes, though he says Brice mentions one of the Robyn Kass “don’ts” of reality shows by saying that he can be the biggest bitch if people cross him. Nicole worries about him becoming the new Colton, but Rob thinks he might have the Colton-esque qualities that could lead him to bond with the women and take out the other men on the beauty tribe.

Jefra Bland

Rob feels it might not be coincidence that Jefra’s last name is “Bland”, with Jefra being this season’s Pageant Patty. Unfortunately, nothing is jumping out at Nicole or Rob, positive or negative, about her at all. They feel she probably won’t be out early, but she doesn’t get a “thumbs up” from Rob. He and Nicole feel she will be too much of a non-entity in a season full of people who are really there to play.

Jeremiah Wood

Though he’s an Abercrombie model, Nicole says Jeremiah is no Jay Byars. Rob felt Jeremiah was one of the only guys this season that seemed open to a showmance, possibly with Jefra. If his theory of a Brice + girls alliance pans out, Rob thinks Jeremiah might be the first person voted out of the game. Nicole is less sure, thinking that Jeremiah will probably be the beauty tribe’s best hope for winning challenges.

LJ McKanas

Rob feels LJ is slightly miscast, and that perhaps he should be on the brawn tribe, swapped out with Woo. Nicole does think LJ is kind of dreamy, though. Rob continues to feel LJ might fall victim to an alliance between the girls on the beauty tribe, but similarly, Nicole continues to doubt whether they’re smart enough to stick together.

Morgan McLeod

Morgan claims she can lead the beauty tribe, but Rob doesn’t buy it for a second. She seemed worried in her video that the young pretty girls tend to get picked off early, which Rob feels points to his assumptions that the beauty girls’ will be eager to form an alliance. Neither Rob nor Nicole feel Morgan is winner material, but Rob thinks she could make the merge or even make the final 3. Though they compare her to Natalie Tenerrelli, they think Morgan has more fire and could be a good right hand man to someone like LJ.

Brawn Tribe

Cliff Robsinson

The former NBA star is coming to Survivor! At 6’10”, Cliff is always going to stand out but Rob and Nicole aren’t sure his ability to reach things high up will get him to the merge. Another person that Rob had a tiny “thumbs up” for, Rob doesn’t think Cliff realizes how tough the game could be.

Lindsey Ogle

Lindsey’s whining about how good she seems to have it immediately puts off Nicole. Rob says he has the lowest opinion of Lindsey out of all the new castaways this season. She has no “former Survivor you’re most like,” which Rob feels is a definite red flag that she’s never seen the show before. She also claims to be impulsive, and Rob and Nicole both agree that the best Survivor players are never impulsive.

Sarah Lacina

Rob thinks a possible cop alliance between Sarah and Tony could be one of the new season’s biggest storylines. He and Nicole both really like Sarah, and Rob think she will be a very observant and reactive player (i.e. the opposite of Lindsey) She gives Rob a Denise vibe and he thinks she won’t be targeted too heavily.

Tony Vlachos

On the other hand, Nicole thinks Tony will be the “bad cop” to Sarah’s “good cop” and could throw a wrinkle in what looks like a good alliance on paper. The instant cop bond will probably be enough, but Rob and Nicole think Tony, who Nicole compares to Shamar, might be too much of a loose cannon for Sarah. While Rob views Sarah as a Denise, he doesn’t see Tony as necessarily being her Malcolm.

Trish Hegarty

Trish reminds Rob of Sherri Biethman, while Nicole sees her as an older Kim Spradlin. Both Rob and Nicole can see Trish being in the mix for a power group on the Brawn tribe, and could be a person who succeeds based simply on other people not being liked (i.e. Fabio to Chase and Sash).

Yung “Woo” Hwang

Nicole tells us to get the “Woo!s” out of our system because she wasn’t very impressed by him – though she and Rob disagree on whether or not he’s seen Survivor before. Ultimately, Nicole feels he’s too nice a guy to do well in a game like this, and Rob feels it might be too soon to tell on how Woo will fare.

Brains Tribe

David Samson

The president of the Miami Marlins, David is someone Rob is really looking forward to see play this season. Overall, Rob thinks the entire Brains tribe will be the most interesting to watch because they all have a lot of potential to go far. Nicole, however, is already a little tired of David after watching his CBS preview video so many times.

Garrett Adelstein

Rob and Nicole are impressed by Garrett: they think he has prepared a lot for the show and his experience as a poker player will likely help him in the game. He’s also a self-proclaimed RHAP fan. Rob thinks, though, that Garrett’s biggest flaw might be that he has no apparent flaw. Nicole feels like he will be seen as a challenge asset for a tribe of brains, but Rob wonders if he might be too intelligent and athletic to be left in the game too long.

J’Tia Taylor

A nuclear engineer and ex-model, J’Tia claims she loves nerds but Rob doesn’t believe this at all. One of his biggest pet peeves is an attractive girl who claims to like nerds, and he thinks she’s only saying that for show. Nicole thinks she could be a more high maintenance diva and will find the game harder than she assumes. Rob thinks she might be around for a while, though.

Kass McQuillen

Rob never reads any spoilers, but the recent Twitter feuding between Kass and Spencer (and overall over-tweeting from Kass) leads him to believe she’s not long for the game. The older woman on the tribe is always an easy first boot for any tribe, and Rob thinks she might fall victim to this. He says he could easily see her being a Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien, but believes the arrow is pointing down for her and that somebody from this overall very strong group will have to be the first to fall.

Tasha Fox

Rob and Nicole think Tasha and J’Tia, smart African-American women in the early 30s, will have a lot in common and will probably want to work together. Rob feels this brains tribe is theirs’ to lose, and it could come down to picking the right guy to work with them.

Spencer Bledsoe

Finally, Rob and Nicole get to perhaps the most polarizing player of the season. They already suspected in their first impressions podcast that Spencer was an RHAP fan based on his bio, but Rob admits that won’t be enough to make people like someone who clearly wants to be the villain. Both he and Nicole think he is capable of being smart enough to be a good strategic player, but aren’t sure yet if he will be able to do it with a likeable charisma to impress his tribemates and the viewers.

Winner Picks

Rob still feels strongly about Sarah, wondering if she can repeat the Denise-type game and lead Rob to another Denise-type winner prediction. Nicole picks Garrett the poker player – she likes LJ, but doesn’t think the numbers will pan out for him.

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for the great Survivor Preview recap.

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