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January 2013

01/29/12 - With Survivor Caramoan just two weeks away, it's time for Rob and Nicole to preview all of the fans in our Preview Podcast Special.

01/31/13 - Gillian Larson previews the upcoming 2013 Reality Rally

01/29/13 - Amazing Race RHAP-porter Jessica Liese looks at casting patterns from seasons past and tries to guess how Season 22's cast will compare.

01/28/13 - Does RC Saint-Amour have what it takes to be Miss Survivor? Found out in her finalist interview with Rob.

01/25/13 - What does Kim Spradlin have to say about being a finalist for Miss Survivor 2013?

01/27/13 - Rob is joined by SNL expert, Rich Tackenberg to talk about the best and worst moments from SNL in January 2013.

    The moment that CBS released the Survivor: Caramoan cast list, the RHAP Survivor blogger team invaded Rob C.’s apartment and refused to leave until we had discussed the Fans, the Favorites, and all of the open questions we had about the 26th season of Survivor. What follows is a transcript of what our five bloggers – returning scribes Andy Baker, Sarah Freeman, and Glenn Holford, and brilliant newcomers Mike Trudeau and Josh Wigler […] Read More

01/22/13 - LIVE on Tues, Jan 22 at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT, we reveal the Top 3 Finalists for Miss Survivor 2013

01/18/13 - Manti Te'o has been accused of lying about his dead girlfriend to all of America, so we brought in the perpetrator of the Dead Grandma lie, Jonny Fairplay to get his take on all things Te'o

01/17/13 - The 10 Returning Players from Survivor Caramoan all have appeared on RHAP, so Rob takes a look back at funniest and most relevant moments from the returnees.

01/14/13 - On a jam packed show, Rob and Nicole discuss their trip to Vegas, the start of Miss Survivor Voting, Reactions to the Survivor 26 cast and hear about Prime Time Alex Stein's new show

01/09/13 - Rob Has a Podcast was named the Best Entertainment Podcast of the Year in 2012 at the 8th Annual Podcast Awards. Check out all the details from Rob and Nicole's crazy Vegas weekend.

As Rob and Nicole Cesternino head to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo, they answer the top 25 questions submitted by listeners on the Rob Has A Podcast Facebook page.