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The highly anticipated 26th season of Survivor, Survivor Caramoan is almost here. The two hour premiere will be Wednesday, February 13th on CBS. To get ready for the 20 players competing this season, Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are back to give a full assessment on the chances of every player on this new season.

Laura Alexander (9:45)

Rob and Nicole thinks she talks a big a game and she stands out among the fans, will she fare the same as Amber Mariano a fellow nate of Beaver, Pennsylvania?

Andrea Boehlke (17:15)

Rob and Nicole discuss the possibility of an Andrea Showmance and if Andrea will be like Parvati 2.0 from the original Fans vs. Favorites

Sherri Biethman (22:45)

Sherri reminds Rob and Nicole of Kristina Kell for being a tough cookie but can she avoid the 40-something female meltdown that we’ve seen on Survivor?

Brandon Hantz (28:55)

Find out if Rob and Nicole think Brandon is crazy, fun or little of both and if he will make the same mistake this time around.  Plus, Rob recaps Brandon’s bizarre interview with Dalton Ross

Matt Bischoff (39:35)

Find out why Rob and Nicole are not impressed by Matt’s beard but how his quest to be the sole beard Survivor could impact Matt’s quest to be the sole survivor.

Brenda Lowe (45:25)

Why do Rob and Nicole say Brenda’s chance might be better on paper than they actually are?  What can Brenda do in terms of damage control on the island to save herself?

Hope Driskill (49:35)

Rob and Nicole hope Hope is more than just a “pagent patty” and stick around long enough for Rob to float Hope puns all season.

Corinne Kaplan (52:30)

Corinne marches to the beat of her own drum so Rob and Nicole wonder if she can leave the snark for confessionals and be able to bite her tounge in front of others in order to go far.

Eddie Fox (59:15)

Rob and Nicole probably do not see a million dollars in his future but maybe a showmance?

Dawn Meehan (1:03:25)

Rob and Nicole differ on Dawn’s chances this time around and wonder whether her niceness will carry the day or be her downfall this season.

Julia Landauer (1:11:00)

Rob and Nicole feel good about Julie’s game because she is smart and seems to know the game.

Erik Reichenbach (1:14:35)

Rob and Nicole talk about how Erik’s past mistakes help him this time around if he is easy going and his himself.  Just how far do Rob and Nicole think this will take him in the game.

Allie Pohevitz (1:18:25)

Rob and Nicole don’t feel great about Allie.  Why do they suspect this bartender would be sticking around for last call?

Francesca Hogi (1:22:25)

Rob and Nicole discuss the pressure on Francesca to play a better game this time around, but why do they think that Francesca could have the most pressure on her in the game?

Michael Snow (1:28:10)

He’s smart, wears a plaid shirt, and thinks he’s like Rob and Cirie Fields, but will he make it as far as they did?

John Cochran (1:32:05)

Do Rob and Nicole think that John Cochran’s decision to flip on his tribe will come back to haunt him in his second go round on Survivor?

Shamar Thomas (1:36:55)

Rob and Nicole think he will be good in challenges and wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.  Where do they think the Iraq War vet will end up.

Phillip Sheppard (1:40:40)

The specialist is never under the radar, so how will the players react to having him back this season.  Why does Rob suspect he will be around?

Reynold Toepfer (1:44:35)

Rob likes Reynold and didn’t think he would, but Nicole thinks he’s a snoozer. Why is Rob feeling good about Reynold going into the game?

Malcolm Freberg (1:47:25)

Rob thinks Malcolm is probably the best favorite in the game, but he and Nicole wonder how he will fare playing back to back and being an unknown to the other favorites.

Rob and Nicole Make Their Picks for the Winner of Survivor Caramoan (1:56:07)

Who will Rob and Nicole select as their winners of the new season of Survivor and will Rob be able to continue his winning streak after picking Denise Stapley last season.

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