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It’s the Miss Survivor results show, and Rob and Nicole are on pins and needles, ready to count down one by one to the reveal of the Final 3 who will be competing for the title of Miss Survivor 2013. 18 female contestants were eligible: all of the women who competed in the 2012 calendar year in Season 24, Survivor: One World and Season 25, Survivor: Philippines.

Prior to revealing the results, Rob asks the official vote counter, Curt Clark, to take an oath swearing that the votes are accurate and were not tampered with in any way.

The Results

Finishing in last place, with 30 votes, was Roxanne “Roxy” Morris, from Survivor: Philippines. Although Roxy did not last long in her season, Rob and Nicole were surprised she came in 18th place because she is an attractive girl and even recently gave an interview to Playboy about her views on sex and religion.

With 40 votes, finishing in 17th place, was someone who also finished in 17th place in her season of Survivor: One World: Nina Acosta. Rob and Nicole talk about how Nina was like “The Swan” when she appeared on the Survivor Finale, because she looked so much better than she did on the island. They discuss potentially doing an award for the most “Swan-ified” contestant in future Survivor seasons.
In 16th place, with 46 votes, was someone who chose to leave Survivor: Philippines due to medical reasons, Dana Lambert. Rob said she could have made history as the first Lesbian Miss Survivor, but it was not in the cards for Dana this year.
In 15th place was a contestant medically evacuated in the first episode of Survivor: One World, Kourtney Moon. She garnered 119 votes.
14th place was a shocker for Rob and Nicole, because she was someone who had a lot of fans and did so well on her season:  Sabrina Thompson, the runner-up of Survivor: One World, who got 122 votes.
Another surprising placement was unlucky #13, Alicia Rosa, with 145 votes. Rob thought that after watching her on Survivor: One World that she would be a candidate to look out for in this competition. Rob, Nicole, and Curt speculate that lack of campaigning hurt some of these contestants.
In 12th place, with 220 votes, was Survivor: One World’s Monica Culpepper. She is someone who did tweet a link to vote so it may have helped her campaign. Rob, Nicole and Curt think this was a respectable finish for a 40+ contestant who was voted out before the merge.
Rob and Nicole were also surprised to see Philippines contestant Katie Hanson show up at #11 on the list, since she is an experienced pageant girl. Nicole was disappointed because she thought she could have done really well, but she still received a respectable 357 votes.
Placing in the top 10, with 438 votes, was Season 25 fan favorite winner, finalist, and former Facts of Life star, Lisa Whelchel. Rob thinks that her fan base may not overlap too much with the Survivor fan base so they weren’t on top of the Miss Survivor voting.
In 9th place was someone who left her mark on her season and on Jeff Probst’s lips, Sarah Dawson. Dawson, from Season 25 and a contestant on Survivor Jeopardy, campaigned for the title but fell short, receiving 486 votes. Rob is excited to crown her as “Miss Pre-Merge Survivor” but then he realizes that Angie is still on the table, and he has to cruelly rip that title away from her as well.
In 8th place is Survivor: Philippines winner, with 541 votes, Denise Stapley. Rob reveals that Denise declined to campaign, and felt that she would like to leave the competition to the under-30 crowd. That being said, she got the highest finish for a 40+ contestant.
In 7th place was someone who embraced the social media campaign, Season 24’s Christina Cha, with 557. Rob thought she would have been someone really fun to have in the competition.
Another fun contestant that many were rooting for, showing up at 6th place with 681 votes, was Kat Edorsson from One World. At this point Rob and Nicole examine who remains on the list in the top 5. They wonder just how far Angie, another girl with pageant experience, can go in this competition.
In turns out Angie Layton placed in 5th place, with 856 votes. This is a big improvement on her placement during Survivor: Philippines, where she came in 16th place. Rob is surprised she finished so high on the list since she was an early boot, but Nicole is not surprised as she had no doubt Angie would garner a lot of support with male voters.
Then Rob and Nicole examine the final 4 who remain. They wonder if 2 rivals, Abi-Maria and R.C., or 2 BFFs, Chelsea and Kim, will have to battle it out, and who will narrowly miss the finals.
It turns out the feisty Brazilian from Survivor 25, Abi-Maria Gomes, will not be bringing the fireworks to the Final 3. She placed in 4th, with 909 votes. Rob, while sad to see her eliminated, was slightly relieved because he thinks she may have been hard to track down because she is currently traveling out of the country. Abi fell shy of the top 3 by about 300 votes.The order of the placement of the Final 3 was not revealed, but Curt did say that less than 350 votes separated 1st and 3rd. In no particular order, the finalists are: Chelsea Meissner and Kim Spradlin from Survivor: One World and Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour from Survivor: Philippines. Rob and Nicole think this is a strong Final 3 and excited to see who will become Miss Survivor. Rob will do individual interviews with each of the final 3, and then host a debate among the candidates. After this, you can vote for your favorite finalist to be crowned Miss Survivor 2013!

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