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Utopia Series Premiere Review of Fox’s Pioneering New Show

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In the series premiere of Fox’s Utopia, we meet the 14 pioneers of a brand new society.  Find out if it’s a world we want to see more of in our Review podcast.

Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark discuss the premiere of Fox’s new reality TV series, Utopia.  In Utopia, there is no winner and there is no game.  There are simply 14 “pioneers”, each with their own idea of this society which should be built.

Rob and Curt discuss the points from the 2-hour premiere by reviewing each of the 14 cast members from the show:

  • JOSH, the Contractor – Josh was the antagonist of the pioneers through much of the first hour of the show.  Josh interrupted the other pioneers in their attempts to talk and then became belligerently drunk, hit on Hex and ended up in a fight with Dave.  Josh ended up on trial by the second day and was allowed to stay in Utopia, though he is now on probation.
  • JONATHAN, the Pastor – Jonathan has come to Utopia with the sole mission to spread the gospel.  He hopes to baptize a number of the other pioneers and does not like all of the nudity happening around the lake.
  • HEX, the Huntress – Hex is the real life Katniss Everdeen.  She is proficient with a bow and arrow and wants to build a society free from money, power and religion.  She got in to a big altercation with Josh on the first night and had to be taken to the hospital for drinking too much whiskey
  • DEDEKER, the Polyamorous Belly Dancer – Dedeker is leading the charge of having the women spend time together at the lake in the nude.  She didn’t have much to do but she will surely be a fan favorite
  • AMANDA, the Pregnant Behavioral Specialist – Amanda was involved in a few conflicts on the premiere episode.  She did not want to only eat twice a day and ended up face-to-face with a drunken Josh.  She later revealed to the group that she was pregnant.
  • MIKE, the Lawyer – Mike took it upon himself to be the voice of the law with Utopia.  He served as judge and jury during the trial of Josh.
  • AARON, the Chef – Aaron became the person in charge of preparing all the meals and rationing the food for the group.  However, he got in to a huge fight with Red when Red decided to eat a dead chicken that Aaron said would not be safe to eat.
  • RED, the Hillbilly Handyman – Red is a self-proclaimed Hillbilly who hates lazy people.  Red became close with Jonathan, the pastor over a shared faith.  Red loves to drink and has a quick temper (which is the origin of his nickname, Red).  Red threatened to leave Utopia after his fight with Aaron.
  • BELLA, the Survivalist – Bella isn’t so much of a doomsday prepper as she is an environmentalist who wants everybody to live off the grid.  She is highly emotional and gets flustered when people don’t listen the her idea.  She wanted Josh banned from Utopia but soon became close friends with him.
  • ROB, the Gun Loving Libertarian – Rob hates l”iberal douchebags” and has a quick temper as well.  Rob can be fun but he also got in to several screaming matches including one with Bella at the trial of Josh
  • BRI and CHRIS – Bri and Chris didn’t have much of a story but they are the official couple of Utopia.

Overall, both Rob and Curt were high on the new show.  Rob was very interested to see where the new show will go.  However, Rob and Curt were less than impressed with the Utopia theme song (which is performed by former American Idol, Chris Daughtry

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