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Utopia 2014: Week 5 Recap | Katie vs. Cal Moving in

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Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark get back together to talk about the latest events happening in Utopia since our last podcast.  Among the topics covered, Rob and Curt delve in to:

  • What is the reaction to Red being kicked out of Utopia?
  • What do Rob and Curt think about the mechanics of the first vote off in Utopia?
  • What did Rob and Curt think about the two new candidates to take Red’s place in Utopia?
  • Is Ernesto still in Utopia?
  • Are Rob and Curt excited for Rob’s wedding in Utopia?
  • Why does Rob Cesternino think that Utopia Rob has taken Red’s place now that Red is gone?
  • Which Utopian will come back for Rob’s wedding?

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