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Utopia Postmortem: What Worked & Didn’t Work on the Cancelled Fox Series

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Following the cancellation of Utopia, Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark take a look back at what worked and didn’t work from the now defunct FOX reality series, Utopia.

In this podcast Rob and Curt ask the following questions about the show:

  • Was the concept of Utopia flawed from the start?
  • Did the show lose it’s way at some point?
  • Who were the hits and misses from the casting of Utopia?
  • What could the show have done differently?
  • Can a show like Utopia ever succeed in 2014?
  • Which Utopia cast members would we want to see on other reality shows in the future?

For the very last time, join Rob and Curt as we attempt to make a brand new start.

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