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Utopia 2014: A Very Utopia Halloween Recap

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After a week-long hiatus, Utopia returns on Halloween with major changes to the format and loses three pioneers, Bri, Mike and Rob in the week 7 & 8 episode on October 31, 2014

Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark recap what looks to be “a brand new start” for Utopia as the producers are adding more eliminations and traditional reality show elements to the show to give the fledgling series a boost.

Rob and Curt discuss the following topics from the return of Utopia

  • What do Rob and Curt make of the changes to the Utopia format?
  • What is the reaction to losing Bri, Rob and Mike in one night?
  • Why did Rob love seeing some of the pioneers get a letter from home?
  • How has Beekeeper Jake upset the dynamics of Utopia?
  • Did Mike have a point in his arguments against Jake?

Join us again next weekend when we recap the next episode of Utopia on Fox.

Check out Rob and Curt’s Halloween podcast of their own from this week.

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