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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Ghost Island Premiere Recap

LIVE after the two-hour premiere Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this super sized episode and answer your questions!

Reversing the Podcast Curse

To begin the first podcast to hopefully “reverse the curse,” Stephen was beaming with excitement over the great episodes, cast, and the entire Ghost Island twist. Rob said that he was rooting for Gonzalez to stay in the first episode, but wanted Libby to go because she has done nothing so far. In the second episode, Stephen thought Jacob had a shot to stay once he began talking to Stephanie. Even though Stephanie was more quiet in the first episode, he gave her more credit for complicating the decision-making to a large degree by questioning what type of strength was important. In the first episode, Rob thought Donathan would go, and Stephen liked how sheepish Donathan was during the whispering, and really liked the way Jeff controlled the whispering.

Rice in the Sock

Stephen sympathized a lot with Jacob as being an overly anxious superfan the first day, but was unable to correct his high energy. While gross, Stephen really liked Jacob’s move of dumping the rice in his sock to look for an idol. Rob did say that he loved Jacob’s move of calling his tribe the greatest of all time to get sent to Ghost Island but did not like that he told his tribe that it was his plan. On Ghost Island, Rob liked that Jacob got to play a game, and that he got the Legacy Advantage, but did not like that he had to give it to someone. Rob thought that Jacob should have either walked around camp with his fake idol or just taken it out at Tribal when he needed it to prevent people from asking for the note. Rob also mentioned how impressed he was with Stephanie in the second episode and wants Jacob to play again, as well.

Naviti: Chris, Domenick, Wendell, and 7 Other Ghosts

When it came to sending a second person to Ghost Island, Stephen thought it would have been a better decision for Naviti to send Jacob or James to Ghost Island instead of Donathan. Stephen thought that Wendell finessed Chris to save Domenick in a subtle but terrific way, while Rob mentioned that Wendell should use Domenick as a meatshield. Rob was also worried with Domenick re-hiding his Idol if he cannot find it, but really did not like him telling Chris that he had no idol, then showing him the real clue with a fake idol, which Stephen attributes to being too excited to play.

Forcing Decisions Minute One of the Game

When it comes to talking about the upcoming swap, Stephen was really excited, while Rob is dreading it, especially if they swap to three tribes, which is likely. Stephen also really liked the first challenge of the season, because it forced many people to make decisions immediately at the beginning. Rob was unsure of Chris’ decision to forfeit because we never will find out who would have finished the puzzle first. Rob also is unsure if Jacob is the sacrificial lamb we need to have a good season. He enjoyed that the tribes are separated but have moments to come together.

Domenick & Wendell = Tony & Trish?

While Stephen did not say that Gonzalez got herself voted out at Tribal, he notes that the whispering was the nail in her coffin. Stephen also was amazed that Libby had no confessionals, while attending two Tribal Councils. When making the Domenick to Tony Vlachos (Cagayan & Game Changers), Rob said that Domenick is restless like Tony, but not frantic, and Stephen added that Wendell can be his savior in the game to help him go far. Rob thought that since Ghost Island says to “smash an urn,” meaning that there is likely no order required to smash them in. Rob would like if the castaways can randomly choose which urn to smash, while Stephen would prefer if production made them go from left to right.

Is There Hope for a Curse to be Reversed?

They also note that because of Jacob’s antics, Donathan will need to bring his note that he could not play a game to avoid having an even bigger target. With the poor gameplay, on many sides thus far, Stephen thinks there is hope that a curse will be reversed, but he wants his advantage to still have a curse. Stephen also enjoyed Jeff portraying Donathan as a “hero,” as did Rob, but Rob pointed out that it sucked the life out of the challenge. Rob mentioned that it is not great for Morgan that Stephanie knows about her Legacy Advantage, while Stephen will think it will help. Stephen and Rob also think that James overplayed his blame for the challenge. With regards to fake idols, Stephen noted how important having a note with it is, for it to be believable.

Oh Yeah, There are Other People on the Season

Stephen and Rob think that Laurel is in a terrific spot now, after doing the puzzle but not having to finish it. Rob feels that Michael is doing fine, but is mainly just at the right hand of Brendan. Other than her two challenge performances, they notice how we barely saw Desiree on the show. Bradley was someone who had no confessionals, which Rob and Stephen think is great for him so far, and question if Angela and Chelsea were even on the screen, in a group chat. They also laughed at Sebastian’s attitude so far and Rob says that he would love to see Chris and Sebastian on the next season of The Amazing Race together. Stephen awarded the Fishy (best of the episode) from the episode to Stephanie for how she controlled the vote, and gave the second to Ghost Island for its greatness, and Rob gave the first Cesty (worst of the episode) to Jacob for the first hour, but did not know who to give it to for the second.

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