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MTV Reality

Are You The One? – Episode Three RHAP-up

Oct 21, 2014 - It’s the third week of Are You the One and it certainly doesn’t seem like the contestants are that much closer to finding all 10 of their perfect matches to win the $1 million. Brian (@busdriversroute) and Ali (@lashtweets) discuss everything that happened this week to try to make sense of it all.
MTV Reality

Are You The One? – Episode Two RHAP-up

Oct 15, 2014 - Another week, another incorrect truth booth and another explosive episode of Are You the One. How on earth are we supposed to break it all down to put together everything that happened? Well you’re in luck! Brian (@busdriversroute) and Ali (@lashtweets) are on the job.
Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Bonus RHAP-up

Sept 11, 2014 - Amy and Haley are thrilled to welcome Randy Bailey from Survivor: Gabon and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains back to the podcast to share his thoughts about Bachelor in Paradise, the new summer show from one of his favorite Reality TV franchises: The Bachelor.