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RHAPpy Hour | Live BBCAN4 May 11th Recap


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Jordan is joined by Willow MacDonald (BBCAN3) for her second appearance on the RHAPpy Hour for the Big Brother Canada 4 season. Alex Kidwell joins in as well to provide some insight from what had been happening on the live feeds leading up to last weekend. After discussing the latest eviction the trio gets into:
  • Why Kelsey and the Pax Bros lied in their answers to Canada’s jury questions
  • Cassandra’s approach of campaigning to stay in the game
  • Whether Nick and Phil can win or not
  • Who they endorse for Canada’s jury vote
  • What they think is going to happen on Finale Night
  • And much more!
Join us live after the Big Brother Canada 4 Finale on Thursday (9:15PM Eastern).

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