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RHAPpy Hour | BBCAN5 Eviction Recap | Ashleigh Wood, Pili Nemer and Sarah Miller


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Jordan Parhar and the LFC’s Melissa Deni are joined by BBCAN3’s Ashleigh and Pili along with BBCAN2’s Sarah to recap the Double Eviction!

Jordan and Melissa are joined by Ashleigh Wood, Pili Nemer (Big Brother Canada 3) and Sarah Miller (Big Brother Canada 2) to recap the craziness that was the Big Brother Canada 5 double eviction. After picking their jaws up from the floor they discuss:

  • Neda’s game and where it went wrong
  • Ika’s position in the house moving forward
  • Whether this move made sense for Sindy
  • Bruno and Kevin’s position in the game after losing Neda
  • Jordan’s decision to retire from the podcast after this season (1:03:25)
  • And much more!

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