The Survivor Redemption Island Preview Podcast

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino jump back into covering Survivor with both feet as we do our first podcast about Survivor: Redemption Island.  On this episode we will cover:

– Who are the new cast members of Survivor: Redemption Island and who are Rob and Nicole’s picks to go far this season?

– How do Rob and Nicole feel Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will fare against this new batch of castaways and who do we think will last longer?

– What impact will Redemption Island play on the game.

– What will the future have in store for our predictions about Andrea Boehlke, Ashley Underwood, David Murphy, Francesca Hogi, Grant Mattos, Julie Wolfe, Krista Klumpp, Kristina Kell, Matthew Elrod, Mike Chisel, Natalie Tenerelli, Phillip Sheppard, Ralph Kiser, Sarita White, Stephanie Valencia and Steve Wright

It’s a Survivor Podcast that’s so big, it couldn’t even be spoiled by a returning castaway… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!


And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes

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