Mario Lanza on Rob vs. Russell & The Funny 115

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A new season of Survivor is on the way which will feature the return of Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz.  Rob Cesternino and Nicole will discuss the outlook for these two Survivors with Mario Lanza, author of the 115 Funniest Things to Happen on Survivor.  On this episode we discuss:

– Who is the better Survivor player, Russell or Boston Rob?

– What will likely happen to Rob and Russell this season and who has the better chance to win?

– How will Regis Philbin’s decision to retire possibly affect Survivor and Jeff Probst?

– What does Mario Lanza have in store for his next edition of the Funny 115?

It’s a Survivor podcast so amazing, it will never get arrested for skateboarding while intoxicated.  It’s Rob Has a Podcast!
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