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RHAPpy Hour | Nicole Franzel | Big Brother 18 Retrospective

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Jordan Parhar is joined by Big Brother Winner Nicole Franzel to discuss her winning game on Season 18.

Jordan and Taran Armstrong are joined by Nicole Franzel (BB16, BB18) to breakdown her game week by week during her time in the Big Brother 18 house. After talking about Nicole’s preparation before entering the house for a second time they get into:

  • How well she had known Paulie prior to playing with him
  • What it was like to work with Frank early on
  • How she managed to get back on track following Zakiyah’s eviction in Week 7
  • The subtle move she made to convince Natalie to flip on Paul and Victor
  • Her response to people who don’t believe she was worthy of the win
  • And much more!

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