Survivor: Caramoan

WIGGLE ROOM: The Curious Case Of Reynold Toepfer

“As a fan of the game,” Reynold Toepfer says in a confessional seconds before finding the hidden immunity idol, and I almost spit out my Lindemans Framboise (shut up it’s delicious) when I hear this, I have to stop everything right there, because this is the same guy who just a few days earlier told […]
Survivor: Caramoan

The Wiggle Room: Fool Me Twice

Hey! Wait a minute! I thought lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice? Isn’t that, like, science and stuff? Well, just as there’s no crying in baseball, it appears that there’s no science on Survivor — unless you count the cosmic shame that rained all over Francesca Hogi on Wednesday’s premiere of Survivor: Caramoan – […]
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Survivor: Caramoan

The Wiggle Room #0: Days of Future Past

Hi. I’m Josh Wigler. I like long walks on the beach, infrequent trips to tribal council, food auction challenges and Kim Spradlin. Welcome to The Wiggle Room.  There are a few reasons for the odd title I’ve given to my little slice of RHAP. For one, my last name is weird and I’ve always wanted […]