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Survivor, Survivor: Blood vs. Water

WIGGLE ROOM: Five Survivors Who Deserved To Play over Colton Cumbie – 10/03/13

Last season, Francesca Hogi became the first-ever contestant to be voted out twice. This season, Colton Cumbie emerged with an even more embarrassing record: the first-ever player to quit twice. I could not be more disappointed. I was very excited to see Colton play this season, almost in spite of myself. I wanted to see if he changed. I at least wanted to see him flame out in a spectacular Tribal Council. We were robbed.
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Survivor, Survivor: Caramoan

WIGGLE ROOM: Survivor Caramoan Plays Hard, Wins Big

Two days later, I’m still not sure how you unpack everything that happened in the last episode of Survivor Caramoan, which featured, among other highlights, one of the most impressive Immunity Challenge wins in recent memory, some of the best pre-Tribal scrambling in years, and what easily ranks as one of the all-time greatest post-vote […]