Survivor: Philippines

Baker’s Dozen: Did Mike and Lisa Intentionally Split the Vote?

So, how does Guest Blogger Andy Baker follow up last week’s egregious misread of Penner’s vote for Abi? By hatching two more crazy theories, of course! If you want to know if Lisa was aware that Mike was going to flip, and why Mike would be okay with a split-vote strategy – as well as peruse a quick Edit Audit – then you simply have to check out this week’s Baker’s Dozen!


Survivor Blog: Doesn’t Anybody Here Like Mike?

A small-scale bargain between tribes resulted in all kinds of craziness among tribal dynamics this week. Guest blogger Sarah Freeman analyzes the online videos and Katie's podcast in order to give her verdict on who got the better end of the deal, along with how everybody's game stands. How have Boston Rob's methods become outdated? What's so bad about Michael? Who might align with who going forward? The merge is coming; read this to be prepared.

Survivor: Philippines

Andy Baker’s Mega Survivor Phillipines Preview

Andy Baker previews the upcoming cast of Survivor 25 with an in-depth look at all 18 of the players competing on Survivor Philippines