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10/21/15 - We commemorate the day Marty McFly shows up in 2015 with a re-release of our 2011 Back to the Future podcast with Stephen Fishbach

08/24/15 - Rob Cesternino is joined by Eric Stein as they review and recap Lifetime's made for TV movie, "Unauthorized Full House Story". Get ready to laugh with Rob and Eric for 2 hours about the behind the scenes happenings on this late-80's/early-90's sitcom as it is being rebooted for 2016 as "Fuller House".

12/31/14 - Rob Cesternino and Ian Terry discuss "Die Hard" on this year's Holiday Movie Cast

9/02/14 - Eric Stein joins Rob to discuss the Lifetime Made-for-TV movie, The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story

12/23/13 - The film "A Christmas Story" has become a holiday classic and the subject of Rob and Ian Terry's annual Holiday Movie-cast

7/17/13 - It's the summer movie taking the world by STORM, Rob Cesternino and Matt Hoffman discuss the finer points of the SyFy original film, SHARKNADO

12/23/12 - Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry on a special Holiday podcast to talk about Home Alone

10/07/12 - With Halloween just around the corner, Rob Cesternino and Big Brother's Matt Hoffman discuss the 1989 cult film favorite Teen Witch. Get ready with a special movie cast discussing the plot and all the things that just don't quite make sense.

07/21/12 - The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and so does a podcast discussing every aspect of the film with John Norton from "The Tribe" and "MetroBuzz" podcast.

07/14/12 - One of Rob's favorite movies to talk about is the 1971 classic "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" starring Gene Wilder. Rob is joined by Big Brother 12's Matt Hoffman to talk about all things Wonka on a special Rob Has a Moviecast.

06/24/12 - Boogie Nights has always been one of Rob's favorite movie's of all-time. On this edition of Rob Has a Moviecast, Rob is joined by movie buff, Matthew Bok, to discuss the entire film in great detail. If you're a Boogie Nights fan, you will love this podcast.

06/16/12 - The 1985 Film CLUE: The Movie has become a classic with an entire generation of people. Rob is joined by the world's biggest CLUE fan, Eric Stein (America's Player from Big Brother 8) to discuss everything from the film.

06/11/12 - Piranha 3DD is one of the most talked about movies of the summer (okay, maybe just during this podcast). Rob Cesternino is joined by Tyson Apostol to discuss everything that transpired in the recent film Piranha 3DD.

04/22/12 - It's one of the greatest movies of all-time and now it's back in theaters in 3D. Rob Cesternino discusses all things Titanic with Titanic expert, Matthew Bok. We'll discuss the plot, the characters and all of the unanswered questions from the movie in an All Titanic Podcast.

07/05/11 - Rob Cesternino is going "back to school" with Eric Stein to talk about the classic 1995 Adam Sandler film, Billy Madison. Rob and Eric break down everything there is to talk about including Penguins, Blue Ducks, Revolting Blobs and much more... it's Rob Has a Billy Madison Podcast