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Hallmark Holiday Recap Special: “Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge” starring Wyatt Nash (formerly Matt Elrod)

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Watching the Hallmark Holiday Film “Karen Kingsbury’s ‘The Bridge'” starring Wyatt Nash (Matt Elrod) with WWE Digital’s Ryan Pappolla

Longtime RHAP contributor, Ryan Pappola, takes a break from his work at WWE Digital to discuss his love of Hallmark Holiday films and specifically, “Karen Kingsbury’s: The Bridge”.  “Karen Kingsbury’s: The Bridge” (Parts 1 & 2) stars Wyatt Nash (formerly Matt Elrod from “Survivor: Redemption Island”.

Rob and Ryan discuss Hallmark Holiday films as a genre, Wyatt Nash’s performance as the film’s lead and much more in a full recap of the 3-hours of adaptation of Karen Kingsbury’s work.

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