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The ‘Whodunnit?’ LIVE Reunion Show with the Final Five

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Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark get together with the Final Five contestants from “Whodunnit?” to discuss their reactions to the finale and tell lots of behind-the-scenes stories from their time on this show.


On the show were the final five players from Whodunnit:

Cris Crotz (aka ‘The Whodunnit Killer’), Kam Perez (The Winner of ‘Whodunnit?’), Lindsey Anderson, Melina Alves, and Ronnie Padron.

Rob and Curt discussed the following topics and much more on the show:

  • Did Cris do as the killer during the show to play the game differently than if she was a contestant?
  • Why did Lindsey suspect that Cris was the killer from so early on in the season?
  • How did these cast members hear about the show and how did they end up as players in the game?
  • What was it like working with Giles the Butler throughout the filming of the show?
  • What were the funniest moments that happened from the filming of ‘Whodunnit?’
  • Why did Sasha and Dana seem so pissed off at Kam during the finale?  Did Kam really give them the finger?
  • How did Ronnie come up with the theory of the “trained monkey”?
  • What was it like for Ronnie to return as a zombie to the show?
  • What was it like having people believe that there were actually deaths on the show?
  • What were the best death scenes to have seen in person?
  • Why did the killer plan out so many elaborate murders only to be taken in to custody so easily?
  • What advice does the cast have for future contestants of ‘Whodunnit?’
  • What exactly is the “Snuggle Bug Club?”

It’s a ‘Whodunnit’ podcast that will leave you begging for MORGUE… on a special edition of “Rob Has a Podcast”

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