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Ice, Ice Ronnie: Recapping the Whodunnit Final Four

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With the suspect (and victim) pool now down to four, join us in the latest Whodunnit podcast as Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Curt Clark (@curtclark) hash out the details of Ronnie’s frigid finale and try to come to terms with an episode that concludes with many more questions than answers…

In this episode Rob and Curt discuss such diverse topics as:
  • Ronnie’s explosive exit from the game, his strange preference for powdered milk in his tea, and what hand a trained monkey may have had in his death
  • Melina’s 180-degree change from passive player to power player, and her strangely accurate deductive process during this investigation
  • Lindsey’s uncanny ability to miss clue after clue as she investigates the “last known location”
  • Kam’s spot-on detection of the involvement of ricin in the murder investigation…and whether Breaking Bad had any influence on his ability to connect the dots
  • Cris’s continued avoidance of the “Scared” card…and how much to read into the fact that Giles calls this out to the remaining players
  • ,,,not to mention the much-anticipated return of Ding, Marry, Kill!
So don’t get “iced out” of the game, and make sure you tune into the latest RHAP Whodunnit podcast to follow along on all the clues, conspiracies and conundrums with Rob and Curt!
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