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Whodunnit Episode 5: How Ulysses Got Off His High Horse

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On this latest episode of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark get back in the saddle to solve the mysterious murder of Ulysses, in “The Case of the Suspect Snakebite.”  Now that the Killer is getting more and more daring, committing murder while surrounded on all sides by houseguests, Rob and Curt need to step up their podcasting game, as well, bringing a variety of discussion points to the table.

So gather ’round the campfire, grab your Estate-issued weenie-roasters and whiskey-filled canteens, and listen as Rob and Curt discuss:

  • The first-ever Whodunnit Power Rankings!
  • The strategy of “floating” in the Whodunnit game and how it is working for Lindsey and Ronnie
  • The prevalence of movie quotes in this week’s episode, from Kam’s channeling of Indiana Jones, to Dana’s likely unintentional homage to Clue
  • Who is the least enthused about spending the day in the great outdoors (Hint: He’s British, hates cold cuts, and his name rhymes with “dials”)
  • The on-going feud between Kam’s Cool Kids Alliance and Geno’s Not-So-Majority Alliance
  • Whether or not Curt can get away with giving out the first-ever posthumous Fishy award
Now that we’re down to six players, a mysterious double-homicide to solve and four more episodes, be sure to stay current on all the clues and check out this latest RHAP Whodunnit podcast!
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