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Whodunnit Episode 4: Did Don Get Cat Scratch Fever?

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After Whodunnit Episode 4, Rob is joined by Curt Clark to discuss the death of Don and the mountain lion that got a bad rap.

Tennis student, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and ex-soccer coach Curt Clark (@curtclark) try to unravel the mysterious events surrounding the death of ex-football coach Don in this latest episode of the RHAP Whodunnit podcast.

From Don’s fatal trip to a kitchen nightmare that even Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be able to clean up, to Ulysses riding off into the proverbial sunset, Rob and Curt do their best to let the cat out of the bag regarding the Killer’s latest deadly machinations.  In this episode:
  • Rob dissects the speech mannerisms of Giles and offers up some suggestions for how to tweak his Twitter account
  • Curt defends the increasingly bizarre and complicated deathtraps concocted by the Killer to an increasingly incredulous Rob
  • The plot to “ice out” Lindsey is analyzed, along with the strategy of targeting specific players to get them out of the game
  • Dana’s rise from zero to hero is charted out, along with the fall of the Cool Kids Alliance
  • Rob and Curt discuss Andy Denhart’s interview with series co-creator Anthony Zuiker (over on RealityBlurred.com), and settle many of the questions that have come up about the show over the prior weeks
So put your phone on silent (in case you get a call from the Killer) and settle in for an hour of clues, crimes and conundrums as Rob and Curt bid Don adieu and file away another chapter in the Whodunnit mystery.

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