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‘Whodunnit?’ Episode 2: How Dantae Got Fired

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The Whodunnit killer struck again!  Sheri and Dantae may be dead, but Sherlock Cesternino and his humble assistant Dr. Clark have survived another week to bring you their take on Episode 2 of ABC’s “Whodunnit?”  In this episode of Rob Has a Podcast, they fire up their investigative skills and explore the line-up of facts, lies and confused guests as everyone tries to solve the mystery of Dantae’s Inferno.

Join the mystery as Rob and Curt delve into such burning topics as:
  • How the accusation round really works (and it’s seemingly Mole-like origin)
  • How Giles came to be trapped in Rue Manor (and whether or not this revelation has implications for Adrianna’s fate in the game)
  • What strategy in a game like Whodunnit might/should look like (and whether Kam, Geno, Don…or anyone…is playing strategically)
  • How lunchroom social dynamics seem to be at play week-to-week in Whodunnit (and who is sitting at the cool kids’ table)
  • Whether Whodunnit’s Riddlemail team is giving Survivor’s Treemail team a run for their poetic money
  • How afraid Ulysses should be of Dana
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