Survivor: Caramoan

Baker’s Dozen: Choose Your Own Adventure

– In the latest Baker’s Dozen, Andy Baker analyzes the choices the castaways are making. Like many of you, I play a number of different roles in my life: I’m a writer, an English teacher, a husband and father… and a squash coach. (If you’re not familiar with squash, it’s a cousin of racquetball.) […]
Survivor, Survivor: Caramoan

DECODING THE EDIT: A Poker Game on Survivor Caramoan

The recap reminded us that the Fans’ camp was filled with disorder. The only thing coming together was the couples’ alliance. The Favorites had a clear division: Phillip’s alliance, Stealth-R-Us, was calling the shots, leaving Brandon, Erik and Brenda on the outside, looking in. Brandon: “He is treating people like garbage and I don’t like that… Inspector Gadget thought he could pull his special agent tricks but you don’t want to fight with me.”