Denise Stapley on Playing with Malcolm and Winning Survivor

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Last season on Survivor: Philippines, Denise Stapley made an early alliance with Malcolm Freberg work for her until the final four before she went on to win the game. Now Denise joins Rob Cesternino to discuss her former partners chances in Survivor Caramoan and much more.

Rob starts off by asking Denise about the scene that we saw this week where Corinne Kaplan and Malcolm went out hunting for the hidden immunity idol. Rob wants to know how come every time Malcolm finds the idol with someone, he gets to keep the idol. Rob asks about the use of the idol by Malcolm in Survivor Philippines and how much of an advantage that experience will be for him in his second time playing the game. Discussing Malcolm’s original Survivor showmance, Angie from last season, Rob asks if Denise thinks Corinne is more of a Denise or more of an Angie. Rob also wants to know from Denise if Andrea Boehlke’s decision to target Corinne is a good one at this early stage in the game.

As a licensed therapist, Rob wants to know Denise’s take on Brandon Hantz and why he is so quick to explode all the time. Sticking with the favorties tribe, Rob wants to know if Denise thinks that Malcolm’s treatment of Phillip is reminiscent of the way that Malcolm acted towards Russell Swan in the Philippines.

On the fans tribe, Rob wants to know if the decision that Sherri Biethman has been making to keep Shamar Thomas in the game for as long as he’s been so far. Denise compares the blow ups that Shamar has had in the game to some of the episodes where Russell Swan went off during Survivor Philippines. The unity of the Fans tribe leads to a discussion of the strength of numbers vs. the strength of a tribe that is on the same page. Rob discusses what might have happened if Matsing hadn’t lost so much last season.

Turning to the questions for our listeners, we spend a lot of time discussing Survivor Philippines with Denise including the famous scenario at the final four where Malcolm and Denise ultimately turned on each other. Denise later says that Malcolm should of lied to her in that spot and he would be well served to do that in this current game. Denise also discusses her record of attending every tribal council, whether she would be willing to help solve any problems in Rob and Nicoles marriage and who is the strongest female player this season.

After speaking with Denise, Rob takes a number of your voicemail questions covering the use of the hidden immunity idol, the possibility of a celebrity Survivor and the player who is playing the best game so far right now.

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