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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 10 of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE FROM BOSTON after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this 10th episode and answer your questions!

The Rise and Fall of Desiree in Boston

In front of a sell-out crowd in RHAP’s first-ever trip to Boston, Massachusetts, after a wonderful theme song performance by Bret LaBelle and Will from America on the ukulele, Rob exclaimed that this episode was the rise and fall of Desiree Afuye in 42 minutes. Stephen gave Desiree credit for realizing her position on the bottom and making a move to fix it, but Rob said that she should’ve tried targeting Domenick or Wendell instead of her best ally Kellyn. Rob thought that Kellyn had a bad night, was close to having a disaster, and would likely lose an upcoming battle with Domenick and Wendell.

Laurel’s Interesting Night

Rob thinks that Desiree dug her hole deeper when she tried to claim that Laurel made everything up. Stephen actually liked her move to lie about the whole idea but hated how she rushed through everything, a typical sign of a liar. Rob thinks that Laurel would have Domenick and Wendell turn on her if she voted out Kellyn tonight, while Stephen thinks she would have Desiree and Chelsea more made at her. Additionally, Rob was not upset with Angela losing her vote, and liked the way Donathan had to find 2 idols to make an idol. He thought it was really bad for him to have Laurel know that he has an idol.

“Lunch Lady” Denise & Bret LaBelle Join the Know-It-Alls

Proudly wearing a Boston Bruins jersey, “Lunch Lady” Denise Martin from China said that James Clement’s idol is still cursed after Michael misplayed it a few episodes ago. She said she tried to convince James to give her one in his boot episode, but he said that she was fine. She also knew that Desiree jumped the gun way too early.

After doing another immaculate job singing the Know-It-Alls theme song, Bret LaBelle from Millennials vs. Gen X joined the stage and loved Denise’s jersey. He compared Desiree’s move to Will Wahl trying to make a big move for his resume, while not in any position of power or in a group. Rob mentioned that it almost never works for someone to approach a big group to turn on someone.

“Mama C” & Chris Hammons Join the Know-It-Alls

The next player to come on stage was the runner-up from Worlds Apart, “Mama C” Carolyn Rivera. Rob compared the move that Desiree tried to make blindsiding her best ally to Carolyn successfully getting her alliance to vote out her best ally, Tyler Fredrickson because he knew she had an idol and would beat her at the end.

After Bret took off, he gave the stage to his best ally from Millennials vs. Gen X, Chris Hammons. At that moment, Carolyn said that she would not have followed Desiree’s idea due to her erraticness and lack of a solid plan, which Chris agreed with. Carolyn also said that she thinks Kellyn can turn her position around if she brings in the Malolos.

The Tag Team of Winners Join the Know-It-Alls

After the greatness of “Mama C” and Chris depart, Rob decides to bring up two winners together in Adam Klein from Millennials vs. Gen X and Michele Fitzgerald from Koah Rong. Michele thought Laurel made the correct move to vote out Desiree. Adam said that he hopes Laurel will wait until about final 6 or 7 to take out Domenick and Wendell.

When asked about people voting with their original tribes, Adam said that you feel connected with your original tribe until you vote against them, then you become part of that new group. Michele also liked seeing Tai and Scot’s cursed idols and joked that maybe Joe del Campo should pop up at Ghost Island since his medevac was the reason Tai never played his idol.

The Boston Police vs. Fire Matchup Comes to the Know-It-Alls

The next duo to the stage came the blood vs. water pairing of Val and Jeremy Collins from San Juan del Sur and Stephen’s old alliance mate from Cambodia in Jeremy, who won the season. Val said that this is her favorite season in a long time and that her favorite player is Wendell. Jeremy also really likes this season and said that he is re-watching his old seasons.

The Failure of an Eagles Chant and the Return of Rodney

Everyone’s favorite freakiest freak, Brice Izyah from Cagayan and Boston’s own Rodney Lavoie, Jr. from Worlds Apart, joined Rob and Stephen next. Brice tried to start a Philadelphia Eagles chant but was shut down by Rodney and the rest of the Bostonian crowd. While he wouldn’t reveal who the freakiest freak is yet, he said that Desiree was his “sis.” Rodney then chimed in by noting how you just want to tell someone when you’ve found an idol, like Donathan did to Michael, Laurel, and Jenna.

A Flash to the Past with Malcolm’s Doppelganger and Another Winner

The crowd in Boston went crazy when Rob brought up Jimmy Tarantino from Nicaragua and laughed when the oldest winner in history, Bob Crowley from Gabon, pretended to fall out of his chair due to his old age. Jimmy has said that he likes when people mistake him for an older version of Malcolm Freberg but feels bad for Malcolm with that. Bob didn’t have much to add because he did not remember any of the player’s names.

The Aussie and Rockstar Podcasters End the Night

Rob may have saved the best for last, by bringing on stage a former and current RHAP podcaster. Coming all the way from Australia, Nick Iadanza, the former Survivor Know-It-Oz podcaster and Jessica Lewis, the rockstar from Millennials vs. Gen X, also sported a shirt promoting the Why _____ Lost podcast on RHAP weekly. Nick said that him and his wife and really enjoying their trip to the United States and Jessica was surprised that the season isn’t slowing down yet, thankfully.

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