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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 9 of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this 9th episode and answer your questions!

Should You Vote with People Splitting Votes on You or Not?

After Eliza’s “f—ing stick” was not just a stick for Michael, Rob said that the idoled-out Libby Vincek’s biggest mistake was going after Wendell instead of one of her allies in Michael. Stephen, on the other hand, liked her move to hide with Domenick. Rob then pointed out how he thought it was dumb of her to vote with people who are throwing votes on you.

Laurel Pretending She Didn’t Know About the Idol

Rob and Stephen both agreed that Laurel did a terrific job pretending that she didn’t know about Wendell’s idol because it left Wendell feeling great about her, while she felt cautious about him. Stephen gave credit to Laurel for being self-aware of her position within her alliance with Domenick and Wendell. Stephen also thought that Laurel and Donathan should have been pushing for Kellyn, Chelsea, or Desiree to go home instead.

The MichaelAngela Night

Rob thought Angela did a great job of painting a target on Michael’s back then beating him in the final round of the immunity challenge. While Rob did enjoy the challenge, he did say he prefers it much more as a tribal challenge, where Stephen enjoyed the individual aspect of it. Rob, and his son Dominic, both did not see what was so gross about the “Mother of Pearl” (the last delicacy) in the challenge.

“This is NOT Just a Stick Anymore”

Rob pointed out that it was great for Angela’s game to not buy what Michael was selling. Despite all the great things Angela did tonight, Stephen still gave the Fishy to Michael, for his idol play. Rob also loved Jeff’s line about the “f—ing stick,” because he nailed it perfectly. Rob and Stephen also discussed Jenna’s uneventful trip to Ghost Island, and Rob said he wishes there was a wheel that players could spin to get an advantage or disadvantage.

What Did the Listeners Have to Say?

Rob and Stephen actually agreed that Michael is now a dead man walking, like Malcolm Freberg on Survivor: Caramoan, after his idol play.

Rob and Stephen also agreed that one issue Michael had talking to Angela was his body language, a similar problem James had. Additionally, telling Angela that she is on the bottom is not going to work with her.

When asked about why the players this season are so locked-in on their original tribes despite all the swaps, Rob said it’s because that tribes are so tight until they go to Tribal, for the most part. He said that cracks will soon begin to form after the merge, as usual.

Rob thought that it was not time for the original Malolo to make a move on a powerful Naviti member like Wendell just yet.

When asked about how many times Jeff must have rehearsed the “stick” line, Rob said that it does not matter because he nailed it.

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